Shield Your Eyes From Blue Light

As a lifetime sufferer of migraine headaches, I always seek ways to avoid attacks.
Throughout the years, the migraine experience continued to change. The “aura” appeared at the onset during my teen years. The best way to describe this phase is a sensory disturbance. You may see flashing lights, blind spots, and tingling. Soon after it goes away, a pounding headache and nausea set in.
In middle age, I had vertigo at the start. Once again, followed by the pounding headache and nausea.
The older I become, the less I have them. Also, avoiding what I now know are my triggers, like sauces high in sodium, red wine, and fluorescent lighting.

With the increased use of cell phones and computer screens, many migraine sufferers, including myself, have a new trigger. It’s called blue light. It has a very negative impact on anyone with light-sensitive headaches. An inexpensive pair of screen glasses can absorb the harmful waves.

My last severe attack was triggered by straining my eyes to read a map on the cell phone. After raising my head, I felt the left side of my face feel numb. Then my left arm tingled. It scared me enough to have a series of medical tests to rule out a stroke. The diagnosis at the end was hemiplegic migraine. My Doctor changed my blood pressure medicine, I committed to a daily exercise plan, and I wear the lenses whenever I use the computer; hopefully, I will avoid another attack.

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