Grab Life By The Claws

Coastal Georgia and South Carolina

Blue Crab fishing is a coastal culture that has provided food for many generations.

Place a piece of chicken in your basket and lower it into the water. Let it sit in the water and have fun fishing while the crabs find their way to the bait.

Dropping the crab basket on Skull Creek
Blue crabbing in Georgia
blue crab information

They also grab on to the bait on your fishing pole.

South Carolina blue crab

Be careful not to get your fingers pinched-ouch 🙂

They also wash up onto the beach with the tide.

Blue crab
Sea life on the coast of the Port Royal Sound

They hang out in the tidal creeks.

blue crab
blue crab

A fresh catch must be measured and meet the size requirement for the keeping.

Blue Crab net
Chicken is good bait to catch Blue Crabs
Blue Crab legal size
Blue Crab legal size

If it does not clear the minimum size, return to the water and let it swim away.

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Blue Crabs