One Of The Charms Of Asheville

Asheville North Carolina

Last weekend I took a short road trip to Asheville North Carolina. I choose to stay in the Haywood Park Hotel, for two reasons. One was the convenient downtown location, and the second was the glamour of the historic building housing the hotel. It was once the luxury department store “Bon Marche”. The building was designed during the roaring twenties and the hotel has occupied it since 1986.

The room was really a surprise. It provided over 700 square feet of furnished space.

Since this was once a department store the elevator announcements are really cool.

“Level two mens wear”

And if you think these gentlemen look classy, check out the ladies.

I’m really particular about the Hotels I stay at, and will honestly say that this was a gem. From the fine dining to the piano player in the lobby it was superb.

Have a happy day 🙂


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