Champagne Overboard To Appease Neptune

Commercial boats are required to have documents on board that state the name and hailing port of the vessel. Names should be short and not easily misunderstood during pronunciation for radio transmission. One tradition is naming a boat for a special lady in a persons life.

Thought should be given to whatever name is selected because legend says it is bad luck to change the name without a ceremonious process.

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“Renaming a yacht is, of course, not something to be done lightly. Since the beginning of time, sailors have sworn that there are unlucky ships and the unluckiest ships of all are those who have defied the gods and changed their names. So, the caveat is to do it correctly.

Can you rename your boat?

There is a lot of superstition around renaming a boat, and for good reason. Fortunately, properly renaming a boat is not impossible if you follow a systematic process. Before you rename a boat at a christening ceremony, you must systematically remove/cover all instances of the boat’s old identity. More about this in a moment.

How do you christen or rename a boat?

We usually start by pouring champagne overboard to appease Neptune, while splashing some on the boat hull. An alternative is to smash a bottle of champagne on the boat hull, bow, or dolphin striker, so Neptune and the boat both get their appropriate portions. Then, while you’re surrounded by family and friends, name your yacht as if it was the first time.”

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  1. I used to work for an oil drilling contractor before and for newly built jack up rigs or semis, the christening ceremony is a grand one with a wife of one of the Lords, smashing a bottle of champagne on the hull and some prayers (Norwegian Lords) and followed by a nice buffet dinner at the yard. Good share as you brought back good memories for me. Thanks.

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