America’s First Planned City

Savannah Georgia

In 1733 General James Oglethorpe along with 120 passengers of the ship “Anne” landed along the bluff the Savannah River. Oglethorpe established the 13th colony and named it “Georgia”, with Savannah being its first city. The city was laid out in a series of grids and public squares and parks.

Rich in history, fine dining, beautiful scenery and architecture Savannah hosted over 14 million visitors in 2019.

Along with the visitors local residents like myself, never tire of a relaxing afternoon walk in the shadows of the past.

Stylish Boutiques and a variety of dining options are located throughout the downtown area.

One of Savannah’s most popular homes was built in 1899. the Gingerbread home is a fantastic piece of architecture in the historic area.

Savannah’s Gingerbread house

With Savannah averaging 214 days of sunshine a year, visitors often take cover under the shade of the old oak trees.

To get a panoramic view you can visit one of the a rooftop restaurant or lounge.

Here are a few links that have historic information and tips to plan your visit to Savannah 🙂

Gingerbread House-Savannah wedding venue

Visit Savannah. (many beautiful photos)

Visitors Center Savannah

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