The Fish Ladder

Granite Falls Washington

I finally had a break from the hot and humid Savannah summer and spent a week in the Pacific Northwest. The outdoors felt air-conditioned and I couldn’t resist a good walk even if it meant an uphill hike in the western area of the Cascade range. My goal was to check out the fish ladder that assists the salmon and steelhead that need to get to the upper side of Granite Falls on the South Fork Stilliguamish River.

The trail is only .07 of a mile so well worth the beautiful scenery it offers.

Here is the information panel located at the falls observation deck:

And this is how they get the fish around and above the falls:

If you look below the grid you can see the river and I was told that the water can get as high as the walkway.

Friends there’s a glimpse of the beautiful mountainous State of Washington. Granite Falls is about an hour north of Seattle, unless the traffic is uncooperative.

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  1. What a lovely surprise, Alice! I so enjoyed the Falls, as I’m sure you did the cooler weather. The heat can be very wearing, for sure, and your photos are beautiful.

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