It’s A Purple Flag Day

Tybee Island Georgia-Savannah’s Beach

There’s an abundant amount of jellyfish hitting the coast of Georgia this week. The beach patrol sets the flags out to alert visitors of the surf conditions and presence of dangerous marine life. A black flag is not listed below but if it is flying it means extremely dangerous water conditions.

Beach flag warning system
Tybee Island Georgia

If you do get stung by a jellyfish don’t panic. The lifeguards are prepared and will assist you. My personal experience was painful. I was about two feet water when one got me. I was afraid to look down at my leg because my first thought was a shark. The tentacles hit my upper thigh on the right side and then again on the back. The pain lasted all day. Along with cleaning the area off, putting cream on and applying ice, I still used Tylenol for relief. I best describe it as a hot iron scorching the skin. The scars stayed for months until they finally faded away.

So, with all that being said make sure to check out the alerts, abide by the flags, and enjoy the sand and soothing salt air.


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