Beaver Nuggets For Breakfast

No matter what time of day you decide to munch on “The beavers number one selling snack”, you will find it difficult to put them away. These delicious Carmel coated corn puffs are sold at “Buc-ees” super sized convenience stores.

The popular country store and gas station first opened in the State of Texas and has now expanded to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky.

Fuel stop

A one stop shop where travelers can rest , shop, fuel up, and find a wide variety of snack and food choices. Click here to find a list of locations.

And here’s a word of advise for shoppers, “buy more than one bag so you can share with your friends”.

Let’s see what this first time taster has to say:

First timer for the nuggets

I would rate this travel stop with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘s

Not only for all the great reasons mentioned but also for the sparking clean restrooms 🙂

Happy travels


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