A Musical Museum

District Live-Plant Riverside Savannah Georgia

Step into the lobby of the Atlantic Building at Plant Riverside and take a 135 year stroll through the history of Gretsch Musical Instruments.

An interactive touch display on a mural of the Brooklyn store offers visitors the opportunity to explore at their own pace.

Touch screen interactive display

Approximately one hundred guitars are on display at the “free to the public” museum.

If you can’t find the one you’re looking for just “look up” into the atrium.

Gretsch exhibit at Plant Riverside Savannah

That great Gretsch sound is also recognized on their iconic American drum sets.

Gretsch drums

Savannah is a year round tourist destination with mild winter weather. Plant Riverside District is located on the Savannah Riverfront and offers hotel accommodations, entertainment, dining, art exhibits, shopping, and more.

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