Record Hop

Swainsboro Georgia

1950′ and 1960’s record makers
1960’s concerts

There were two main events held at the Nancy Auditorium: Home of WJAT. The first was the Record Hop which took place on Fridays at first and later happened on Fridays and Saturdays. The Record Hop was when WJAT would play the newest 45’s at the Nancy Auditorium on Moring Street and people would come from all over to listen and dance. The second event was the Peach State Jamboree, which took place on Saturdays. The Jamboree was hosted by WJAT Manager Johnnie Bailes ( as in the Grand Ole’ Opry’s Bailes Brothers). During this time, Mr. Thompson sold the station to Mr. Webb Pierce and Mr. Jim Denny. Mr. Pierce also owned Cedarwood Publishing which booked shows for the Grand Ole’ Opry. Mr. Pierce must have had some sort of arrangement where if he booked a group for the Opry then they had to also play the Nancy Auditorium in Swainsboro. Even the biggest names in County and Western music played shows on Saturday nights in Swainsboro” To read more about Swainsboro’s Nancy Auditorium events click here

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  1. Music and dance, sounds nice. An oldie by the faded colours, but still nice. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Alice.

  2. What an interesting read about the Nancy Auditorium. I’ve even heard of a few of the musicians, too. I’m guessing the woman is Loretta Lynn, but I am not familiar with country singers, so the images were lost on me. I sure enjoyed reading about this though. History of country music.

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