Star Of Creation

Oliver Georgia

North of Savannah at the crossroads of Georgia Hwy 17 and 24 is the small city of Oliver Georgia. I was not able to find much information about this old church except for the writing of Brian Brown with Vanishing Georgia. Brian writes that it was a Methodist Church established in 1912 and local folks also posted comments

It is a very interesting window on the side and front featuring a Star. One of the explanations I found was on

In a Christian context, the Star of David (a six-point star or hexagram) is often known as the Creator’s star or Star of Creation. 

The six points of the Creator’s Star represent the six days of creation, as well as six attributes of God the Creator: 

  1. power
  2. wisdom
  3. majesty
  4. love
  5. mercy
  6. justice
Oliver Georgia
Paneled window topped with half round stained glass
Half-round stained glass church window

Front window centered between two entry doors and bell tower with diamond stained glass

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