How To Remove Hangar Bumps

Here is a quick “fix it” tip you may not learn in college.

Maybe your favorite sweater has been hanging in the closet since last season.

sweater bump

Or maybe you found the perfect shirt on the store clearance rack.  

But then you notice the ugly hangar bumps near the shoulders.

No worries here is an easy way to remove them and restore the fabric to its original look.

sweater label

To reshape the fabric first check the label

to make sure the garment can be hand washed.

Fill a basin with cold water and mild, lightly fragranced soap. This will remove any dust and give it a fresh clean scent.



I used a hand soap from the “fancy dollar” store and it works great.

Swish it around for a few minutes then gently wring as much water out as possible,  being careful not to wrinkle it too much.

Next, get a large towel, fold it over and lay it on a flat surface. Lay the garment flat on top of it.

Wet sweater

Let it dry for about one hour, then gently lift the garment, turn the towel over to the dry side and relay the garment flat again. This time take your fingers or something smooth and start work on flattening the bump.

Gently rub on the bump and smooth out other problem areas like the wrinkled collar.

Keep repeating the steps using dry areas of the towel. You can work with the fibers in the bump area to get them back into place by gently stretching them when the area is becomes damp.

Sweater bumps

sweater bumps gone

It takes a bit of time and attention to restore the piece of clothing to its original look,

but the rewards of looking nice make it worth it.

Hope this is helpful 🙂

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