Fancy Milk Available

Here is the current supermarket situation which we hope is temporary while we adjust to a post-covid world.

Empty shelves in the Supermarket

It only makes sense with the outrageous price of groceries that the store brand is sold out and the pricey stuff is the last to go.

Also, hold on to your patience if you need assistance because the folks working are doing the best they can. If you absolutely have to vent or have any ideas on how to help out here is the number to call: 1-202-456-1111.

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  1. We haven’t noticed too much here. Except this: no TP or Paper Towels at Costco… But there were some in carts, so we assume they sold out for the day. And our cat’s favorite food! When I found it at Walmart I bought the rest. Ironically the one she likes must be the least favorite of others, because it was all that was left of that brand. Hummmmmm….
    Just curious, who does that phone number above call? πŸ€”

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