Tuscarora Heroes

War of 1812 Heroes Monument-Lewiston NY

On a cold December morning in 1813, the citizens of Lewiston awoke to an attack by the British-Canadian soldiers who had invaded America and taken Fort Niagara during the night.

Heroes monument Lewiston NY-Artist Susan Geissler
Tuscarora Heroes Monunment

A dedication was written on the monument:

In honor of the brave members of the Tuscarora Nation who defended and saved local residents during the War of 1812:

On the morning of December 19, 1813, Lewiston was attacked by British forces and their native allies from Canada. The British had captured Fort Niagara hours earlier and were intent on destroying Lewiston, in retribution for the burning down of Niagara on the Lake (then called Newark) days earlier by the Americans.

Poorly defended, Lewiston residents could only run for their lives in hopes of escaping the atrocities. Civilians were killed in the rampage and tormented parents found themselves helpless in trying to save their children.

At the moment when Lewiston citizens had lost hope, a small group of Tuscarora men ran down from their village atop the escarpment and offered the first resistance the enemy had seen. Their ingenious tactics gave the impression that “their numbers were legion.” Fearing a trap, the enemy stopped in its tracks, allowing time for the citizens to escape.

Despite being outnumbered 30-to-1, the Tuscarora Heroes risked their lives, took their courageous stand, and came to the aid of their Lewiston neighbors, saving the lives of dozens of grateful citizens.

Lewiston NY is located just north of Niagara Falls, on the Niagara River which is the US-Canada border.

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