Presidential Barbeque

Sconyers Barbeque-Augusta Georgia

Serving barbeque and hash in Augusta Georgia since 1956.

President Jimmy Carter had the barbeque served on the lawn of the White House for members of Congress and President Bill Clinton had it served on Air Force One.

And if you choose to eat “high on the hog”, the restaurant has given a new twist to that figure of speech.

High on the hog

Located close to the Bobby Jones Expressway:

Yummy πŸ™‚

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  1. Is hash a normal side dish for barbecue there? What goes into the hash? Here it is leftover meat, potatoes, and vegetables fried together – or at least that is what my mother called hash.

      1. Thank you, Alice. I have never heard of rice hash. I make fried rice to use up left over rice but I use any kind of meat – chicken, beef, or pork.

      2. I’ve never seen it the way they cook it anywhere else. When I’m in Pennsylvania I always go to the Amish markets their hash is delicious and made with potatoes

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