Surviving Savannah Book Review

For most of my life, my nighttime routine was to finish the day with a good book. In the past year, I moved away from reading at night, most likely because I am hooked on Netflix. But last week I decided to make a change and go back to my old ways. Listed on “read with Jenna” is the novel named Surviving Savannah. The choice was easy for me since it is set in the city I call home.

Surviving Savannah by Patti Callahan

This book is based on the story of the Steamship Pulaski that left Savannah in June of 1838. On the second day after leaving Charleston, a boiler exploded and the ship went down off the coast of North Carolina just after 11pm. It describes the pandemonium at the time of the explosion and the struggle for some of Savannah’s wealthiest citizens to survive.

The story is about the past and also current discoveries of what has been a mystery for many years. In 2020 divers found artifacts about 40 miles off the North Carolina coast near and identified them as the wreck of the Pulaski.

Surviving Savannah

The book is packed with historical facts, and also some fictional characters. The author clarifies the truth from fiction in the back section of the book. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys the 1800 time period of the old south.

Here are what others had to say:

Surviving Savannah book reviews

And like all good summer reads, it’s a bit of a love story.

Enjoy 🙂


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