Tricky Cheese Container

We’ve been told that cereal boxes got smaller, cookie packs container less but this one takes the cake. The partially filled container is hidden behind the full-length label. I grabbed this cheese off the shelf never thinking about peeling the label back to see what I was actually buying.

Just before opening, the container felt light in weight, and here is why:

Cheese container partly filled

I checked the seal making sure it wasn’t opened, and it was in place.

Sealed for freshness

So now I have to decide if I should just never buy this again, or spend time and gas to drive back to the store and get my few bucks back. Let me know what you all would do, go along with the cheesy rip-off, or return the cheese.

My advice to all shoppers, check it out before you check it out 🙂


Kammies Oddball Challenge

One thought

  1. What in the world? Depending on how close I was to the store I’d take it back. And I’d write the company and let them know how disappointed I was. (sometimes companies send you coupons for free stuff.)

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