Chirp Loudly

When venturing out into the swamps or hiking trails in the woods it’s good to be prepared for the unexpected. This “Birdie” gadget continually popped up on my social media and after reading about it I ordered one.

Birdie personal alarm

The device is lightweight, easy to carry by attaching to a handbag, backpack, belt or simply putting it in your pocket. If you find yourself in a threatening situation the instructions say to point it in the direction of the threat and pull the pin. Lights flash and a loud alarm activates.

Testing the “Birdie”

A few ideas of how this can be useful came to mind after the test:

Set it on the night table in a hotel room, adjoining rooms may hear it in case of an emergency

It may run off wild animals that get too close

It can be used to attract attention if you cannot talk during a medical emergency and need help

If the alarm is not loud enough and you become lost in the woods, maybe the light will be seen.

This is a good option for someone uncomfortable with carrying pepper spray but would like to sustain a certain level of comfort for personal safety. This alone will not stop an attack but may deter one.

“Birdie-personal alarm”

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