The Old Buckhorn And A Historic Library

Laramie Wyoming

While visiting Laramie which has a historic area near the Union Pacific rail yard I stumbled upon the Carnegie Library historic site. It was built in 1905 and served as the Albany County Library until 1981. Today it is being as city offices.

1905 Carnegie Library building-Laramie Wyoming
Historic Building used for city offices
Laramie Historic Building
Carnegie Library building-Laramie Wyoming

This historic railroad city which started out as a tent city in the 1860’s supports a historic area near the rail yard. With its reputation as a true city of the wild west, it’s easy enough to find a good beer parlor.

Laramie Wyoming

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  1. What a delightful area to visit. Finding old Carnegie Libraries is always a special treat for me. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and while much of his reputation is questionable, his investments in libraries certainly is not. I love seeing them. I think I’d have to pop into that beer parlor for a while, you know, conducting research.

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