House Of Worship For Cotton And Rice Planters

Frogmore South Carolina-Historic Site

The St. Helena Island Chapel of Ease is known by many to be a haunted location. As the saying goes “different strokes” for “different folks”. Some like myself may find the grounds of this historic Chapel to be quite undisturbing. My ability to sense the presence of spirits and the calmness it has brought to my life allows me to embrace the past. Visitors to the grounds have heard the singing of hymns and prayer, while locals believe the residents of the cemetery wander the area. While taking photos, there was without question a sense of warmth and I felt that within good company.

St. Helena Island Chapel of Ease

Built-in the 1740s of tabby construction (oyster shells), and located on one of South Carolina’s most known haunted roads, Land’s End, there’s an abundance of paranormal activity noted. The chapel was used by the planters on the island as the Parish church was in Beaufort.

Interior of the Chapel of Ease on St. Helena Island

With the walls and the brick frames of the doors and windows remaining, perhaps you can get a glimpse of Heaven that shines upon these sacred grounds.

Chapel of Ease-Beaufort County Historic Marker

For visitors to South Carolina who wish to visit this beautiful remnant of the past, here is a location map

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