Walking Over The Rice Dike In The Vanishing Swamp

Sea Pines Preserve-Hilton Head Island

It’s worth the effort of hiking through a South Carolina swamp in the hot summer with five kids. It’s so easy to enjoy a break from the noise of the cities to the soothing sounds of undisturbed nature. Even our darling three-year-old got excited with every animal sighting, while we kept a tight hold on him in the stroller.

Ante-bellum Rice Dike information board-Vanishing Swamp-Sea Pines
Vanishing Swamp=Sea Pines Preserve-South Carolina
Lucy And Tom exploring the swamps of South Carolina

The vegetation is so thick at this time of year it’s hard to spot a snake, they camouflage well. We got a glimpse of two and they hurried away before we could get a photo.

This laid-back alligator wasn’t at all disturbed by our presence but even as still as he stayed you can bet he knew our every move.

American alligator-Vanishing Swamp-South Carolina

The trail is easy to follow with signs and a boardwalk to walk on in the wet areas.

This was one of my favorites sightings. I wondered if the dragonfly was in jeopardy because the orange color stood out.


When we reached the end of the trail Lake Joe rewarded us with a posing heron and a smiling turtle.


I was also thankful that we packed a few cold drinks and snacks because the girls appeared to be feeling the heat.

Yep…..today was another day of just too much fun for the Six of us 🙂

Happy swamping and don’t forget to wear insect repellent 🙂


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  1. Amazing to see such different scenery than what we are accustomed to. I would love to see the plantlife and birds but I’m not sure I would be happy to see alligators and snakes.

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