Angel Oak Provides 17,000 Square Feet Of Shade

Johns Island South Carolina

The Angel Oak tree located just south of Charleston South Carolina offers both shade and shadows. I had a difficult time photographing the full tree in one photo because of the size but managed to get it in pieces. The tree is a southern live oak is evergreen and their acorns provide a good source of food for many animals.

Angel Oak on Johns Island South Carolina
Shade and shadows
Trunk of a southern live oak estimated at 400 years old
Shade under a live oak
Trunk of a 400 year old live oak
limbs of a southern live oak
Tree information
Angel Oak Johns Island
Angel Oak poem
Save the Angel Oak

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  1. What an incredible tree! The tales it could tell of what it has seen in its very long life. May it live for at least another 400 years.

  2. This is a magnificent tree – and so much shade it must offer! I see why it was difficult to photograph – but you managed to do it beautifully. Why is it called Angel Oak, do you know?

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