Southern Magnolia Tree

Savannah Georgia

The Southern Magnolia starts blossoming in May and the flowers can last throughout the summer. It is an evergreen that produces large white flowers. Here is a look at one in Savannah on Hutchinson Island.

The start of a white magnolia blossom
Deep green waxy leaves year round magnolia with a white flower
Southern magnolia blossom can get up to 12″ in diameter
Southern magnolia
Southern magnolia at Savannah Harbor

The Savannah Harbor Resort is located on Hutchinson Island on the north side of the Savannah River.

It is a wonderful place on the riverfront to get a view of historic Riverstreet and Savannah City Hall.

Savannah City Hall and the Georgia Queen

Savannah is a year round visitors destination with mild winters and fragrant colorful summers from the wide variety of plants and trees that are forever blooming.

It’s worth adding it to your “must see” places.


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