If You Use Them, Reuse Them

The most unpopular bag on earth still finds its way into our grocery carts. For most of us environmentally conscience folks it likely is a substitute for the sack we forgot to bring along.

Not only do the turtles, birds, and numerous other forms of wildlife struggle to get in and out of the bag so do my fingers.

The easiest way to use these flimsy bags is to twist the handles closed instead of the handles being tied together.

Plastic bag twisted closed

If the handles are tied to keep the items from falling out, the bag gets tighter as you carry it. To open it, you have to squeeze your fingers in between the knots, usually causing a tear, or you can cut the tops off, leaving them useless at that point.

Tied plastic grocery bag

The twisted bag opens easily without any damage, leaving the owner with a chance to recycle it.

Easy open plastic grocery bag

A few good uses for the bags are:

Small enough to keep in the car for trash collection

Take it along when walking your pet, to put the pieces in

Use them in your luggage to wrap extra pairs of shoes

They are a perfect size for bathroom size trash bins

Use them to wrap cooking scraps before they go to the trash can.

You can also return them to the grocery and put them in the proper recycling bin for this type of plastic.

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