Keep Those Shoes On

Travelers are getting ready to hit the skies after over one year of being grounded from some of our favorite places. Airlines are booking record numbers of reservations and adding flights to meet the demand.

All of this is good news and if you are planning to fly this summer you can ease the stress of long lines at security with the TSA pre-check status.

TSA pre-check

The online application can be accessed at:

TSA pre-check application

The cost to those accepted is $85.00 for 5 years. The second step will be to do an in-person interview at a designated site before your Known Traveler Number is issued. The process is thorough and takes about a month.

Once you receive the number you send it in when your flight is booked.

The best part of the program is a separate check-in line that moves fast because shoes don’t have to be removed. As for the security check you are still required to go through the scanners and the agent may still ask to use the wand, so up with the arms.

Happy travels and thanks for dropping by 🙂

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