The Red Eye

Well, I did it! After avoiding flying for over one year, despite being desperate to see my children, I finally used the ticket that had been previously canceled twice.

Trying to make the most of the time I had available for the visit I choose to book my return on the overnight flight from Portland to Savannah.

Planning healthy outdoor activity on that day to tire and selecting a reclining seat, I thought I could make this work.

I began to yawn before boarding, and I was still feeling very optimistic. Boarding was on time, and I settled into the seat, fixed the airflow knobs, and choose not to turn on the entertainment monitor. A middle-aged man danced down the aisle to get to his seat, and the crew was doing their normal seat checks. The Captain gave the usual announcement of weather and anticipated flight time, and then we rolled back.

Soon enough, I realized that the plane was not in line at the runway. We were driving around, literally in a circle. I lifted my window shade and thought, darn! We’re back where we started, and that could mean a de-planing. Soon, the Captain addressed the issue; there was a passenger not being very nice to other travelers and that the police would be taking him away.

It was the dancing man not ready to end the party.

Thankfully, it was a quick ordeal. But here’s the unbelievable that on my arriving flight last week the police escorted an unruly passenger off as well. I didn’t hear any of that ruckus but someone at the baggage carousel told me that our flight came close to being turned around.

Needless to say, I perked right up after all the excitement and didn’t sleep a wink. The drive home from the airport seems like a blur, and I even forgot to eat my flight fuel snacks.

Oh well……things could have been worse and I’m so happy about the sparkling clean aircraft.

Fandango one word challenge/blur

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  1. I read that there was a big surge in passengers abusing the flight crews since the beginning of the year. So sorry to hear that. Flight crews work pretty hard to keep everyone safe and comfortable. And everyone else has to suffer through the delays that the perpetrators cause.

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