New Food Labels Coming In 2022

Are you eating frankenfood?

Before looking up the new word’s meaning, I played around with it in my mind.
“Franken” made me think of a tall man with bolts coming out of his neck, but that didn’t make sense combined with food. My best guess was Frankenberry cereal.

With that thought, I grabbed the dictionary, and it all came together. I spent a bit of time reading about foods commonly tweaked and then decided to go on a frankenfood hunt in my own house.
I started with the refrigerator, and it all looked healthy and real.

I’ll thank Whole Foods for that!

Refrigerator contents

Next, I checked out my wine—one from Italy and one from New York State. There were not any markings to indicate one way or another. With grapes being high on the list of these foods, I thought for sure I would catch this on at least one of the labels.
Maybe a taste test or two will be the giveaway. Not so, but I discovered that the alcohol volume is higher on the Italian wine, although the White Cat is sweeter.

Pinot Grigio white wine

One more chance to find something is in my unorganized pantry. My Publix Russet potatoes are real.

Publix russet potatoes

Not willing to give up yet, I kept looking.
To my surprise, bingo, I found something!

Hiden on the bottom of the package below the directions and ingredients it reads:
“partially produced with genetic engineering.”

From just one little word, I gained a wealth of knowledge.

And there’s more:
Most cotton is grown today to outsmart the weeds in the fields and deter the bugs.


So whether you’re eating or clothes shopping, it’s worth the time to read labels.

In the USA the National Bioengineered food disclosure standard will go into effect in January 2022. All bioengineered food and beverages will require a label.

Until then, we’ll rely on the Doctors in the laboratories to alarm us of any creations that may present a danger coming our way.

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  1. Haven’t we been manipulating our food sources for hundreds of years? We cross pollinate, we fertilize and we encourage certain aspects of our food to grow and allow others to fail. Is that not manipulating our food?

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