Bringing Hope and Color To Savannah

Starland Fence Art Program

Community project by Clinton Edminster
Dana Richardson artist
Drayton Street fence art mural-Savannah
Painted by children in the community

With construction crews working away in downtown Savannah, artists with the Starland Fence Art program give passerby’s some cheery scenery to enjoy.

If you are on Drayton near Bolton check out this community project.

Thanks to those that keep Savannah cool πŸ™‚


Monday Murals

3 thoughts

  1. Savannah is such a beautiful city to start with, and this artwork compliments it. I’m sure the young artist feel a sense of pride seeing their work on display.

  2. Very cute murals, I’m sure the children had a lot of fun painting them and it brightens the fences around the construction area. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Alice.

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