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Bluffton South Carolina-

With the perfect spring weather, I could not have found a better walk to share with you this week. Bluffton is a community on the May River near Hilton Head Island South Carolina. It is known today as a fast-growing retirement destination, but during the antebellum era, it was a summer village for rice and cotton planters

My walk started at the Flower Show and Art Market being held behind the Visitors Center

There was music and flower vendors.

Leaving the event I walked through the town. There are coastal pieces of art scattered about.

And just in case you get turned around and need directions, here you go…

Bluffton Directional signs

And what goes great with walking and shopping ? Casual dining of course.

Calhoun Street is a small business area with art Galleries and Boutiques

Among the unique shoppes is more music with a great smile 🙂

The Store-Bluffton South Carolina

Sidestepping where the action is, will not be disappointing. There are beautiful historical homes that will grab your attention.

Hayward House and Welcome Center
Bluffton South Carolina

Just keep an eye open for the little gems along the way. If you take a close look at the front patio of this building you will see broken dishes in a stack secured by wire.

Broken dishes at front door for good luck

In some cultures, it is believed that breaking dishes brings good luck or breaking a plate is a way to celebrate the joys of life.

Although this small community on the river’s edge has seen big changes since its simple beginnings, the old folklore lives on.

Jo’s Monday Walk

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