Bait and Tackle Store

Scarboro Landing-Jenkins County Georgia

Bait Store window
Scarboro bait and tackle
Bait and tackle store
Scarboro bait and tackle store
Ogeechee River Scarboro Landing

Ogeechee River

“The Ogeechee River, the longest river in Georgia to keep its name throughout its course and one of Georgia’s few remaining free-flowing streams, is popular with canoeists; with fishermen seeking red breast, suckers, shad, rock crappie, bass, shellcracker, and catfish; with ministers baptizing believers; and with children enjoying natural swimming holes.”

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  1. Oh what fun it would be to explore the Ogeechee. When travelling is again safe for us old folks I may no longer be able to do so. I already feel like that old bait store. Now for a challenge: Just how long is the Ogeechee, measured down the middle of its sinuous path through the Georgia country side? Which is longer, measured from the North Fork or the South Fork? How far up the river is it possible to paddle? Sure, sure, I looked at those old windows. Amazing what a dilapidated old window can show you! Thank you!

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