Honor System

There was a time when a handshake created a contract, and a person’s word was a definite promise. Maybe it relates to the days when we believed our actions had consequences or, at the least, would haunt our conscience.

With the big story of vaccines or lack of these days, I must say I was so disappointed in a recent conversation with a friend.
Our state is currently in a second phase that is including anyone over the age of sixty-five and healthcare workers. Understanding that folks are anxious and looking for a sigh of relief, I believe the people in charge understand the science and the ways to have a successful outcome.

There are reports of cheaters in many places.

One article said two people drove one-thousand miles to jump a line and get the shot. Let me tell you my friends’ scheme; it’s a head shaker.

This person has a PHD-so he uses the Dr. before his name. What he doesn’t tell folks is that he is a Doctor of marketing in business. Now, I’m not here to undermine it because that’s years of hard work. What I am questioning is his character.

He used his identification to get a vaccine by implying he was a medical doctor and therefore would be eligible. He was a walk-up in a clinic, and they gave it to him. Of course, that knocked one person off the call list while he’s out bragging about it.
On the bright side, it makes me feel good about myself, knowing that I have not yet fallen into the new ways and plan to stay old fashioned.

With that being said I’ll MMOB (Mind my own business) and not report him 🙂

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  1. Whenever we get vaccines for the 65 and over, the people they show on television say that they can go traveling, or see the grandchildren. I believe the elderly with chronic illnesses should have first dibs. At 73 I will wait as long as it takes.

  2. A crisis will being bring out the best in people but it will always bring out the worst as well. It is unfortunate that these reprobates are part of polite society but I guess every Rose needs a weed.

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