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Jarvis Park-Hilton Head Island

Jarvis Park but it’s part of my daily routine, so I hope I don’t bore you with this trail. Today the temperature is at 60 degrees with lots of sunshine, so I got out early.

This is one of my favorite health walks because I like the asphalt walkway. It’s easier on my toes than the sandy beach. Soon enough all the wildlife will be back with their beauty, but for now, the birds have the place to themselves.

Asphalt walking trail
Catch and release fishing pier

The pier usually attracts visitors because the gators hang out under it, but this month they are under water or dug in some where.

There are a few nature paths and the wetlands boardwalk, you can hear a symphony of singing birds on these paths.

One of the nice things about January is that I will move closer to the lake to get a glimpse of a heron.

Winter branches against a very blue sky

Since out winter season is very short in the southeastern US, the trees will be budding very soon.

Jarvis Park lake walk

Thanks for walking along. I hope you are enjoying the scenery of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina. I wish you all good health in the upcoming months.

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