Stuffing The Mailbox With Grievances

Happy Festivus friends. It’s time for me to spill the glitter and air my grievance.

Here we are with businesses closing every day, people in food lines for the first time in their lives and so many other hardships happening, but our politicians seem to have boat loads of money.

Being a registered voter in the State of Georgia has been very disappointing. Without being sure my vote during the November election was even submitted correctly now we have to consider the January runoff. I early voted yesterday but for the first time, I felt like I had to double-check every movement

Georgia voter

The poll workers were very cordial and double-checking everything for fear of being accused of funny stuff.

Setting all of that aside what has me over the edge is the amount of money all political groups spend. Here are some of the high-quality color printed flyers that end of in my mailbox daily.

political flyers

This lady post marked from Virginia threw money to my trash can.

We The people postcard

And this guy is spying on everyone.

Georgia election.

Here’s an idea, let’s teach our young folks how to research politicians running for office. Then they won’t have to rely on ridiculous mail based on the opinion of another to cast a vote.

Yes, everything you need to know is in public records. Throw this stuff away and vote your own mind by knowing the facts about a candidate. And for the folks sending this junk, use the money to feed the hungry.

Thanks for reading, I feel much better.


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  1. I could not agree with you more! I bet all the money spent on political advertising could fill a big portion of the hole we’ve gotten ourselves into. I’m with you all the way Alice!

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