Please Standby

Hello friends,

If you see my writings drop for the next week, I’m not slacking off, just doing my best to juggle a few tasks.

One is a big secret, but if I stay focused by chewing my NeuroGum, I’ll soon be finished and will share the project with all of you.

The second thing that is on my “must do” list is move my real estate blog postings to this site. The quarantine and virus have led me to the conclusion that I will fully retire be the end of this year. I just enjoy being home and look forward to the time I can be with my grandchildren. We have to make up the year we lost with a lot of fun stuff.

But the biggest issue is my laptop has seen the last of it’s days.

gray screen

I knew it was coming because it is six years old. I was stuck on this gray screen for a few hours yesterday. The Apple stores are just re-opening and the appointments are a week out. So, I am ordering online. I was stuck on this gray screen for a few hours yesterday.

When I finally broke through I could not type anything.

As you can see in this photo I have an external keyboard plugged in and it hopefully I will get by for the week.

Broke keyboard on laptop

If there is anyone that can give me some tips on backing up I would really appreciate it. I used the Seagate slim with Time Machine, and some documents and all photos are on the cloud. I have my fingers crossed that I won’t lose anything I may need in the future. My guess is that it’s probably not a good idea to load all the old stuff on a new machine.

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck 🙂