But We Complained

Coastal Georgia Wetland and Swamp Trails

There’s no shortage of these areas in the Southeastern United States. It’s easy to get hung up on the tranquility of the still water and blossoming plants. Packed with trees usually knee deep in water with hanging moss attracts the eyes and takes you to a higher place.

As I continue to search out these plots of nature I refer to my outings as “swamping”.

Friends have given me the nickname “Swamp Girl”.

And did you know that swamps are good hideouts?

Moonshine still
Cox Still

Netflix has a movie trending with Matthew McConaughey about Civil Wars soldiers who deserted and hid in the Mississippi swamps. I enjoyed it but it is bloody at times.

Besides the lingerings stories of people in the swamps, you’ll quickly forget about it when you meet the permanent residents.

And some rare plants

A few quick tips before I sign off:

Always stay on the trails and boardwalks

Wear good shoes even in the hot summer

Wear insect repellent

Don’t feed the animals

Enjoy the gift of nature 🙂

One last word from the Okefenokee: