Tropical Storm Isaias Passes By

Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Today was a good day for coastal Georgia and parts of South Carolina.  Tropical storm Isaias stayed far enough off shore to produce some wind gusts and rain bands but nothing too bad.

I went out at 9 this morning and here’s what it looked like:

Tropical storm clouds
Storm clouds from tropical storm Isaias
Tropical storm rain bands
Rain bands moving in
Atlantic Ocean
Looking south from Hilton Head Island

Yellow flags flying-rip currents, extreme danger for swimmers

Yellow beach flag
Yellow Beach flag

Hopefully, folks will heed the warning and this young man will have an uneventful day

Beach Patrol
Beach Patrol

I finished taking photos just in time to get inside before the rain came pouring down. It stayed that way until about 3PM…..

Thats when I went back out and you can see the storm was now about 80 miles off shore.  The waves still had a good kick, but the mean clouds had moved on.

Breaking waves
Breaking waves
Tropical storm waves
Riding waves
Low tide
Low tide

The flag has been upgraded to red-that is the most dangerous warning for swimmers, indicating high surf and dangerous currents.

Red beach flag
Red beach flag

Folks enjoy the surf while staying cautious

Boogie boards
Boogie boarding at the beach

Not me, I just get my toes wet 🙂

Toes in the ocean

Tonight Isaias is traveling north and has  picked up strength.   It is now a category 1 hurricane expected to make landfall near the North/South Carolina line.  Hopefully, it will move through without much damage.

Sand dunes and sea oats
Sand dunes and sea oats

The storm lowered the temperature into the 80’s and that was a welcome relief from the heat.

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