Food Truck Yard

Starland Yard-Savannah Georgia

Unique outdoor dining place, full of colorful art work.

Painted container car
Painted container cars
Courtyard Dining
Courtyard dining
Painted trash cans
Painted trash cans
Starland Yard
Mural at Starland Yard
Mural in container car
Mural in container car
Container car mural
Container car mural

For a schedule of events at Starland Yard in Savannah Georgia click here

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5 thoughts

  1. The containers looks so much better with all those colourful murals. And the trash cans are quite unusual too.
    Thanks for participating Alice.

  2. My city has an entire block filled with these used storage containers that have been turned into shops and restaurants. I love the colorful way the ones you found are painted. I also love the mural, too. These containers are truly different and unique, and I was truly impressed with what can be done with them as a canvas. Great find, Alice.

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