A World Apart

Savannah Georgia-World War II Memorial

World War II Monument

“Located in Rousakis Plaza looking over the Savannah River, the World War II Monument honors all Savannah and Chatham County veterans, both alive and deceased. The monument also pays tribute to the whole community for their participation the national war effort.

Conceptualized and created by Eric Meyerhoff, the monument represents all who fought valiantly represented by two case bronze hemispheres surrounded with a symbolic Victory Garden honoring the civilian involvement and sacrifice. Surrounding the monument is a memorial brick walkway, purchased by those individuals that supported the monument, while stone benches and granite tributes to all branches of United States Service. Engraved on a granite wall within the sphere are the names of Savannah/Chatham Countians who lost their lives while serving their country in this war.” 

Information provided by: savannahga.gov

A World Apart
Located on the riverfront in Savannah Georgia

Saturday Sculpture

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