Fish Haul

Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Another weeks been crossed off the calendar, but this one did have outings written in each daily square.

I’ve been staying at the beach in South Carolina during quarantine, mostly due to the fact that there are miles of bike and walking trails to explore.  Being outdoors has made this easier and we have not had a day of rain in the month of May.  It is in the forecast that Wednesday will be our best chance for showers.

The public beaches and parks are beginning to open.  This week I took a walk over to a community called Fish Haul.  The area has a historic past from the Civil War and is one of the first communities established for freed slaves.  It is also known as Mitchelville.

Civil War Marker
Civil War Marker

To learn more about the history of this area and how to support the park click here

So, let’s set the history aside and talk about the other reason I’m taking you along on this beautiful walk.  It’s the beach.  Fish Haul beach is a secluded, natural setting on the Port Royal Sound.  The tide was rolling out which creates a treasure trove of sea shells and wildlife to explore.

Low Tide makes the beach wide

Low Tide
Low tide on the Port Royal Sound

Check this guy out he’s strutting along in the tidal creek like he owns the place

Wading bird
Wading bird

Sand crabs dig in as soon as they feel the ground moving

With most of the popular resorts on the island being further south, this is a hidden gem that locals enjoy.

Fish Haul Beach
Quiet beach area on Hilton Head Island

Shell collectors this is for you

Seashells on the Port Royal Sound
Beach shells
beach shells

Fish Haul Park Is located at 120 Mitchelville Road on Hilton Head Island.  There is public parking, restrooms and outdoor showers.

Fish Haul Beach Park
Town of Hilton Head Park, parking, restrooms and showers

Not a bakery in sight…..


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