Empty Jars

While some call me a hoarder for filling my cabinets with empty glass and plastics,  my idea is to be diligent in my commitment to reuse and recycle.

With the rush on sanitizing hand wipes and other products to keep your hands clean I made use of my supply.  I came up with a car kit for my short travels to the park or to get groceries.

I filled one jar with antibacterial hand soap and water.
I filled one jar with water only.   Also, I grabbed a few towels off the role to go along.

At any time during the outing that I may feel the need to do my twenty-second wash, I can use my stuff without entering a public restroom. I gave this idea to my daughter so she could use this kit with my grandchildren. She agreed that it would be much more convenient and that would mean more washings.

Many things around the house can come in handy.  Cotton balls and alcohol can clean your phone and the frame of your eyeglasses.
One facial tissue is about the same as four sheets of toilet paper.

Just a word of caution about flushing anything other than toilet paper, you may need to use a different way of disposing.
That’s my thoughts for today.  Thanks for visiting and would like to hear any tips you can share.



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