Senior Shopping Hours

This week’s senior shopping hours turned out to be somewhat of a flop for me. When I arrived at 7:10 am, the parking lot was full, and the grocery carts were all in use. My feeling wasn’t cozy about going into a packed store. Anyways, with my elderly neighbors shopping list in hand I gave in to the situation.

Luckily a lady came along with a cart, and she offered it to me while unloading her treasures into the back of her car.

Of course,  there were not any sanitary wipes at the entrance.  As I gripped the metal bar I just kept reminding myself not to touch my face.  Anxiety was taking over. Making my way to the meat department I found the chicken case empty, and the hamburger case empty.  As for toilet paper, there was not near the amount needed to meet the demand.

After crossing off the list, I grabbed a bag of cookiesLorna Doone and heading for the long line at the checkout.

There were too many folks in my six-foot space. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, and I could not understand why this is a better way for higher risk people.

I wrote an email to the store suggesting that when the carts run out, maybe they should use that as a cut off for meeting the building capacity.

Hopefully, for many others things worked out well, and huge thank you to all of those who came in to work and  put up with us early risers.

Stay healthy friends and let’s all look towards brighter days ahead.



4 thoughts

  1. Very tough times we are facing. Online shopping is also closed due to high demand. Today I have to go out for vegetables and fruits… don’t know if I will be able to get something!

  2. Our local Kroger has senior hour from 7-8 only on Tuesdays. I think this is terrible. It takes me longer than an hour when the store is busy. Then you have all of the high risk people packed together in one place. It’s not fair.

  3. My experience at “senior shopping hour” was similar to yours. No adequate social distancing, no wipes for the shopping carts, and still no toilet paper! This is insanity.

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