Centerpiece Of The Garden

Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah Georgia

The 150 year old fountain in Savannah’s Forsyth Park has a tradition of “greening” the water to start off the cities Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.

Forsyth Park fountain
Ordered from a catalogue and built in 1858 the fountain at Forsyth Park
Greening of the fountain
Greening of the Forsyth Park fountain in Savannah
Greening of the fountain
Sculptures in the fountain with green water for Saint Patricks day


Savannah Georgia is a year round visitors destination, and has the second largest Saint Patricks Day celebration in the US with three full days of festivities.

Sculpture Saturday

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  1. Love love love! I was there many years ago for a seminar. It was the week of St. Patrick’s day. Had we all known about the festivities many of us would have stayed an extra day! One of my favorite trips was to Savannah. Our hotel was on the water, and a couple of days before St. Patrick’s day the road on the water closed down and there was all kinds of festivities. I loved walking around the parks, all the green trees and plants, and the green fountains!! So cool! I had to fly out the morning of 3/17 among all the parade fan fair! 😢

  2. Wow! Fantastic fountain photos! Here we’ve postponed the dying of the river green due to the virus. It makes me wonder if they’ll pick a random day in June to have the St Patrick’s parade.

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