A Fragrant Walk

Savannah Botanical Gardens-Savannah Georgia

Even though it feels like spring, not all of the flowers in Savannah have awakened.
Local garden clubs support the Savannah Botanical Gardens situated on 10 acres.
The historic Reinhard house, one of two pre-civil war remaining farmhouses, sits on-site and serves as headquarters for the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. and its members. The home was built in the present-day downtown Savannah area and moved to this location.  To read more about this home click here

Reinhard House
German vernacular farmhouse built in Savannah Georgia 1840

The gardens are open daily with donations accepted to support the park.

Welcome map
Welcome Map to the garden

Walking was comfortable with paved or graveled sidewalks near the flower and vegetable gardens.

The nature areas are unpaved, narrow and visitors are advised to keep an eye open for snakes, which are always hiding around in Savannah.

In the style of Savannah parks with brick pavers and seating, and of course no garden is complete without the famous “bird girl”.

Shall we stop and smell the flowers?

Even without young ones with me the children area looked interesting enough to take a quick look.

I hope you all enjoyed the gardens.  I do have one more rose for the gracious host of Jo’s Monday Walks, although we have never met I feel like I have made a new friend who motivates me to get outside.  Thank you RestlessJo and best wishes with your upcoming travel. 

Have a great week 🙂