Restricted Area With An Amazing View

San Diego California

Sitting on Mission Bay in the beautiful city of San Diego is a mobile home community that has been in disarray since 2011.

Vacant mobile homes
Restricted area De Anza Cove Mobile home park

A seventy acre park once the site of hundreds of mobile homes is a piece of southern California prime real estate.

The city has been removing the vacant mobile homes since 2017, and it is still going on today.
There are trees, flowers, and shrubs that still live in the community, but all the people are gone.

Surrounding the community is a walking/jogging trail with an incredible view.

A decade long court battle between the city and the residents of De Anza Cove mobile home park has delayed the redevelopment of the property.



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  1. Those are eerie and fascinating photos. When I see old uninhabited buildings or structures it always makes me wonder what it was like when it was full of life and happy people. I like this post a lot.

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