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Assumption Parish-Black Rock Community-Buffalo New York

By 1882 a Polish colony had formed in the Black Rock community in Buffalo New York. During the early years of the parish 1888-1891, 800 baptisms and 136 weddings were performed.  The parish remains active today and through the years renovations have been done to the church.

I have personal memories of this church from my young years for two reasons.  Our school would play basketball in their school gym and my Grandma loved to play Bingo at the Polish Cadet building next door.

But since it is Thursday and I am hanging out with Norm2.0 and checking out doors this is for all of you:

Church doors
Assumption Church Buffalo New , Romanesque Revival Style

The front steps were restored in 1998.

Extensive renovations were done in 2010-2011 on both the interior and exterior.

Church doors
A Closer up look at the entry doors of Assumption Church Buffalo New York-Quatrefoil panels

The four leaf symbol is a Christian sign that resembles the Cross and reflects the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The church is located on Amherst Street, near Grant in the Black Rock Community

Catholic Church
Amherst Street, Black Rock Buffalo NY

Buffalo’s third Polish Parish still serving the community for more than 125 years.

The Old World Architecture never really gets old

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  1. I hope someday to travel to many places and one of the things I want to remember to do is take pictures of churches. I love them. The old buildings, the old architecture. So beautiful, there are no words. I always said I would love to just drive through our country and just take pictures of every church I see. What an album that would be! Thanks for sharing about Norm2.0 doors. I will look at that!

  2. Very pretty, and much bigger than I realized as I scrolled through the pictures. I love seeing old buildings. I like to learn their story and imagine what it would have been like years ago.

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