The Getaway Car

Long lines at the gas pumps this week for preparation of hurricane Dorian reminded me of a smart habit my Dad had. Knowing that he would have to let his car run for thirty minutes before driving off due to freezing temperatures, he never had the gas tank less than half full.

Being ready for the unexpected is a trait he passed along.

Watching this routine for many years, today I find myself with an eyeIMG_8980 always on the “E,” empty.

The closer the needle gets, the less comfortable I am. My mind wanders to all adverse situations. I can run out of gas on a remote highway, all by myself, without a gas can, and something wicked roaming nearby.



So here are two tips to keep you out of auto jams:

  1. Β Stay a few miles ahead of the low fuel alerts
  2. To quickly know what side the pump is on when pulling into the fuel stationIMG_8979 look at the direction the arrow is pointing next to the tank symbol




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