Delicious Black Things Floating In My Tea

Niagara Falls Ontario-Galleria Mall


One of my favorite things while traveling is to try new foods. On this particular day, after walking all over Niagara Falls, a cold drink was inviting. Even if it has things floating around. Here take a closer look:


You all can relax. I have not lost my good sense. I just decided to drink “Bubble tea”. Surprisingly the drink came in a plastic cup with a plastic straw. After the first sip, the reason for a wide straw was apparent. The first “glob” came up.

My flavor was a cucumber green tea, honey, and aloe gel. The young lady mixing my flavors said it is “good for the inside and the outside of the body”.  That was good enough for me because she had an honest look, and seemed happy to be serving.

IMG_8822 (1)


The tea was delicious and those little things have big flavor. Soon enough I’ll check out Below Zero in Savannah to check out their flavors.  In the meantime here’s a glimpse of beautiful Niagara Falls.

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  1. Now I want one!! Looks odd and inviting!! I’ve heard great things about aloe. Although the times I’ve tried to drink it, I couldn’t.

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