Bergfried, Palas, Kernburg

Bavaria Germany

Take a walk with youthful company and you may end up high on a mountain top in the middle of a castle and village from the year 1124.  There are so many of these sites off the beaten path  to visit in Bavaria.  This one does have markers along the way in both German and English giving the information.  It is located off a bike path and that is probably how most folks find it.  It is in a rural area. What I took away besides the breathtaking scenery was that in it’s day this site was a full functioning village.

Here are my little Bavarian bears that accompanied me on this day trip.

There is a combination of trails, old and new stairs and designated rock walkways.  It was not very steep and easy for me to climb. Along the way natured offered some pretty colors with wild flowers and trees.

At the end of the trail as you walk around the site you can see where the walls stood in the past.

Here is the information board for the palace:


There is also remains of a church where seats and monuments can be used today.

Information board for the Waldeck market


So if you’re out and about in the countryside of Bavaria this is a relaxing climb with the rewards of a beautiful view.

Here is a location map, we traveled through Kemnath to get there.  Also, Kemnath is a small city with shopping, dining, lodging and services available.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.32.42 PM

I didn’t count my steps on this trip but it was the easiest castle climb I have done as of today.

Have a great week 🙂


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