Chimney Cake

Prague-Czech Republic

Travel would not be as interesting or fun without having a taste of the favorite local dishes.  Street vendors can be as delicious as a sit in restaurant especially when they cook a specialty.  Chimney cake is a regional favorite in Prague, and I would describe it as a yeast role loaded with butter,  cooked on a grill in a tube shape.  I ordered mine rolled in sugar and cinnamon.


Just pull on it and it unravels for easy sharing.

After this treat we searched out a tavern that serves the original Budweiser beer.

After a few of the best beers we were hungry so we went all in for the traditional roast beef, gravy and dumplings. They added a dollop of whipped cream to sweeten this dinner.

And by chance if you are someone who just likes to stay with the food you know, well you can always rely on the “golden arches”, they appear to be everywhere.  Even in the heart of the beautiful city of Prague.


Happy Meals 🙂



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  1. We love tasting local foods.
    And about the golden arches, it’s been 12+ years I have not stepped in 😀

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