Four Thousand Miles Plus

Feeling like a zombie I safely arrived in Munich on Wednesday morning.  The full trip that starts in Savannah with an Atlanta connection takes about twelve hours. I always book with a comfortable amount of layover time at Hartsfield Jackson International to get the flight to Munich. I keep busy by picking up my Euros at Travelex, walking the one mile to terminal E, and getting a light lunch.IMG_7314
Savannah is the easy part because I speed through the security gate with the “tsa precheck status”. I wasn’t sure if I would use the benefits of this for the cost of a five-year membership, but I have. It was extremely convenient when I flew out of LaGuardia in New York City a few months back as well.
There is an application process that involves a background check and an in person interview at a designated site. Also, they do take your fingerprints at the interview.IMG_7311
Just a note for international travelers it has not been useful for check-in at airports out of the USA.

Today is Sunday and my sleep schedule is getting better. I have to remember to turn my phone off at bedtime so those pesky telemarketers from back home are not ringing my number at 3 am.
My grandchildren were delighted to see me as I was to see them.  We have a full month together and I will enjoy every minute of it.

For my friends of the 59club, you’re going to get a break from coastal Georgia and South Carolina photos and we’ll be seeing the scenery here in Germany.  I can’t wait to check out some great doors for Norm and flowers for Cee.

Now that I’m familiar with this community and the grocery store, my shopping list was perfect except for the yogurt I purchased. It had a different texture and using my translator app I found that it was a soy product and not dairy. IMG_7333.jpgOh well, at least I bought a chicken and not a duck as I did on the last visit.

My problem tooth seems to be getting better but my Doctor extraordinaire from Savannah has me set up to have it checked by a Doctor here on Tuesday.  That should be interesting, but from everything I have read German dental care is similar to the USA.

And to top it all off there is big exciting news about this trip. More family will be joining us in the next few weeks as school gets out.

They all have sightseeing plans with my pastry chef daughter but I’m tending to the three little bears since they are all the sights I want to see.IMG_7098.JPG

Have a happy day 🙂


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  1. Hope you have a wonderful time in Germany Alice. I have only ever visited Frankfurt, but loved it. My best friend live in Germany now.

    I sometimes buy Alpro products (I am not very good with dairy)…I love Alpro custard and the Alpro caramel dessert, and dark chocolate dessert, and the vanilla dessert (they used to a gingerbread dessert which was gorgeous).

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